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 Jaguar Front Headlight Close-up



Jaguar service plans let you drive with peace of mind.

Now you can take care of all your service needs in advance, for one set amount. Offering you peace of mind that the price will not increase and the knowledge that your Jaguar is receiving the care it needs to perform at its best.

This high level of service will protect your Jaguar investment, ensure optimum performance, and help maintain the requirements of your Manufacturer Warranty. What’s more, your Service Plan will be honoured by any Jaguar Approved Repairer.

Jaguar Qualified Technicians use only those parts and fluids that are approved for your Jaguar model. These parts have been designed, tested, manufactured and certified according to Jaguar’s uncompromising standards for safety and performance.

Regular servicing through a Jaguar Approved Repairer helps prolong the wellbeing of your Jaguar. An approved Jaguar service history will also assist in maintaining a competitive residual value.

Key Benefits

Cost Saving - Reduced costs compared to paying for individual services
Convenience - Claim on your Service Plan at any Jaguar Approved Repairer
Peace of Mind - All scheduled servicing needs covered under Jaguar guidelines
Jaguar Certified Technicians - Jaguar experts service your car at a time that suits you
Residual Value - Regular servicing helps maintain the residual value of your car
Genuine Jaguar Parts - Only Jaguar Genuine parts are used

Exact benefits and coverage may vary by market. Please visit your Country page or contact your local Retailer for more information.